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CLEARinse PRO Starter Kit

What you get: 
– 1 CLEARinse handle
– 12 single-use wash heads
– 2 bands
– 10 single-use saline ampoules
– USB-C charging cable

– Safest suction outside of the hospital, no need for complicated setup, or wall suction units
– Easy to clean with single-use wash heads
– Billable procedure: check with your billing specialist for specific codes relevant to your state and insurance providers

Specimen Testing: CLEARinse PRO wash heads feature a specimen port so that samples can be taken for Point-of-Care testing or for a laboratory accessing the specimen

Mucus Removal: CLEARinse PRO safely and easily removes mucus, helping baby to breathe better leading to better quality of sleep, easier feeding, and less discomfort and stress for baby and parents

Suction Pressure and Flow Rate: CLEARinse PRO uses a custom pump system that creates similar flow and pressure settings used in hospitals. Engineering tests show an average suction pressure between 95mmHg and 105mmHg, well within the recommended safe suction range. CLEARinse PRO consistenly delivers flow rates between 8-11 LMP. Suction pressues above 150mmHg risk causing damage to airways and mucus membranes, while pressures under 80mmHg are ineffective. 

We have more good news: CLEARinse PRO is available to sample! Are you a clinician interested in trying us out? Get your CLEARinse PRO Starter Kit today! 
Free shipping for life
One-Year Warranty
Includes: 12 replacement wash heads

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CLEARinse Starter KitCLEARinse Starter Kit

CLEARinse Starter Kit


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What Customers Say
It was super easy to setup and use. Just charge, put the head on, add the saline packet, and go. The best part is that cleanup is simple. Remove the head, return the base to the charger, and clean the head in warm soapy water.
Customer Avatar
Jason London
It works well. I thought the suction was good. It comes with 2 heads which is nice. And it's easy to clean/sterilize. It's great for adults. I use it almost every day for allergies and dry nasal passages. It is hard to get my toddler to sit still to use this which is not different from any other product on the market!
Customer Avatar
Cher Davis
My 2 year old son and I both suffer with snot and sinuses. I never had much luck with the nose Frieda, but this CLEARinse was successful right away. I like that it is rechargeable, and the pieces are easy to put back together. Also, the pieces are easily removable for sterilization. I also like that because it has a clear head, you can see the snot that's been sucked out! 
Customer Avatar
Katie Hans
I push the button a couple times before using on my 6 month old and he always giggles. Even sometimes while clearing his nose! We love that this is very gentle and cleans his nasal perfectly! When he is fussy, after checking the usual, it's almost always the boogies! Especially since it's almost impossible or babies to feed with nasal congestion.
Customer Avatar
Joel Adams