Relieve congestion in infants, children, and adults in 3 simple steps.

Add saline to your CLEARinse - Gently place CLEARinse into nostril and press the “Irrigate” button - Remove congestion

  • How It Works

    The CLEARinse device provides safe vacuum suction to the nasal cavity to help remove hard blockages.

  • Drug Free

    We care about your family’s health, so CLEARinse was made to be drug, BPA, Phthalate, and latex-free.

  • Safe For All

    Whether the congestion is caused by allergies, illness, or any other reason, CLEARinse is a life-saver for children and adults of all ages.

  • Breathe Better

    Meets the American Respiratory Council’s guidelines for negative pressure and effective flow.

A mother using CLEARinse to safely and effectively clear her baby's nasal passages

Snot Sucking, Life Changing

Whether congestion is caused by allergies, illness, or any other factor, CLEARinse provides relief for people of all ages

CLEARinse, the safe and gentle solution for clearing nasal congestion and stuffy noses in babies and children

Designed for You

CLEARinse was designed with you in mind, focusing on comfort, convenience, and safety. It’s handheld, rechargeable, cordless, and easy to use.

Why Choose CLEARinse?

Dramatically cleans your nose within minutes

Others takes several uses to feel a difference

Used by doctors and ENT specialists

Others are not used or suggested by ENT specialists

Safe for the WHOLE family and easy to use

Others don't have safe suction ranges for babies

Drug free & saline based

Others use tap water and powders that can cause worsen infections

Rechargeable internal battery that never needs to be changed

Others don't have a rechargeable internal battery