CLEARinse CTS System

- Safe for all ages, even infants

- Meets AARC’s guidelines for suctionContact Us

Disclaimer: CLEARinse CTS is currently uder development and not for sale. Use above link to request access to our testing program.

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

How It Works?

After collecting a sample via irrigation and suction into the wash head, the wash head is then removed and placed in an included container with a screw-top lid. This container releases a preservation element into the sample, securing it for transport to a testing site.

Who's It Made For?

Made with medical professionals and their patients in mind, CLEARinse PRO + CTS System is the pain-free way to easily collect nasal specimen samples using simple saline irrigation and suction. It features a disposable sample collection component with a sterile air barrier and quick access port.